Aaron Kau


AaronStory was my original concept idea for my personal webpage. I wanted to model it after a 2D MMO where visitors to the site could walk around and use portals to access the different pages.

You can see the code for this here.

This was the original concept I drew up in October 2017.

I also planned to make a minimap so users could quickly jump between pages.

Currently, users are able to walk around and jump (arrow keys and space bar or touch controls), emote (numbers 1-7), and enter portals (up arrow key). There is currently a tutorial, homepage, contact page

You can see the live version here.

One of the biggest challenges of making this website was making the game optimized for all screen sizes (and responsive). This proved to be a great challenge. I also struggled to make the interface clean and intuitive. While I'm tabling this idea for now, I'm definitely planning to come back to this in the future with some major improvements.