Aaron Kau


OMGGames was planned to be a online social media where people can make friends through casual mini-games.

Check out the code here!

In its current state, only one game is implemented: Blind Four. Blind Four is a variant of Connect Four where players are unable to distinguish their own pieces and their opponent's, making it a game not only of skill, but also of memorization ability.

When someone connects four in a row, players are them able to see which pieces were theirs and which pieces were their opponent's.

The biggest issue with OMGGames was a lack of perspective. I heavily understimated the amount of time I would need to put together every mini-game. Working with realtime web application libraries was also one of the bigger challenges I faced when putting this together, and I definitely underestimated the amount of effort required to keep these communication protocols safe yet efficient. I definitely plan to come back to this in the future when I have more time, though. Bonding through friendly competition and teamwork has always been one of my favorite ways to get to know people!