Aaron Kau

Toontown Rewritten

Toontown Rewritten is a fan-based revival of a popular Role-Playing Game made by Disney that has tens of thousands of active players.

You can learn more about Toontown Rewritten here!

As an avid Toontown player myself many years ago, I was devastated to hear that Disney had shut down one of my favorite online games of all time. Seeing the community come together and work towards building and making Toontown Rewritten the way it is today is astonishing to me, and I am blown away by how the Toontown community has managed to stay strong and close-knit after so long.

I am currently a Game Programmer for Toontown Rewritten. In my free time, I work to develop new game content, events, and activities for players to enjoy. It has been a phenomenal experience getting to take my part in being a part of this movement to keep Toontown alive and I absolutely love working to make Toontown Rewritten the best that it can be!